A fast and easy way to sanitise and audit shared mobile devices.

UV Trace is a money saving solution for problems
associated with shared mobile devices.

smiling warehouse worker holding a rugged handset

Minimise sick days.

Sanitise shared devices at the end of a shift and reduce the risk of germs spreading amongst teams.

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Reduce lost devices.

Audit devices cleaned and returned in real time for early identification of missing equipment.

UV Trace drawer open with 5 mobile devices

Less waste & repairs.

Remove the need for damaging sanitising wipes to save money and support sustainability policies.

Integrate UV Trace into your workflow
and improve operational health.

Protect your most important assets.

The UV Trace Drawer kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on shared devices while providing a real time audit trail of devices cleaned and returned at the end of a shift.

Drive positive behaviour change.

Simple set up and seamless integration of the UV Trace Solution into existing working practices, ensures quick adoption by operatives and management.

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Find out how the UV Trace Solution can integrate into your organisation and start saving money.

Why organisations like yours are choosing UV Trace

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Up to 5 devices can be sanitised every 60 seconds. Users get quick access to their device without queuing or waiting.

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UV-C light has been scientifically proven to kill more common bacteria and germs than other sanitisation methods.

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Independently tested to rigorous standards for efficacy and safety. The UV Trace shelf can be safely used 24 hours a day.

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Sanitising mobile devices with UV-C light is less abrasive than alternative cleaning methods such as antibacterial wipes.

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An enterprise solution designed to work in the toughest mobile computing environments including warehouse, transport, and logistics.

Quick ROI.

Cost of initial outlay is quickly recouped in improvements in staff absence due to sick days and number of devices lost each shift.

Compatible with ZAMS.

UV Trace is 100% compatible with ZAMS (Zebra Asset Management System) and Zebra intelligent cabinets. You can easily scale up as required to increase sanitisation and auditing capacity.

Two UV Trace drawers side by side on shelf

Find out how the UV Trace Solution can save you money and improve operational health.