How to use UV Trace

Simple to use. No special training required.

Easy set up and installation.

Installed on a bench or fitted to a mobile cart, the UV Trace Drawer is simple to use wherever your sanitisation process requires.

UV Trace drawer on shelf

Scale up as required.

100% compatibility with the Zebra’s range of intelligent cabinets gives you the ability to increase sanitisation capacity.

Two UV Trace drawers side by side on shelf

A simple six step approach to quick sanitisation.

The 60 second UV-C cycle is automatic, and the drawer is electronically locked during the sanitisation process so there is no risk of exposure to users. There is a visual indication of operation and completion of cycles.

Scan the barcode with an Android device.

UV Trace drawer open with 5 mobile devices

Insert up to 5 mobile devices at a time and close the drawer.

UV Trace closed in operation

The 60 second UV-C cycle will run. The drawer remains locked during this time.

UV Trace closed

At end of the cycle, remove devices with clean hands when drawer automatically opens.

Sanitisation is automatically logged and data sent to the server.

The UV Trace App

Monitor which devices have been used and cleaned.

UV Trace App.

UV Trace for Android is a small, lightweight application that is compatible with the UV Trace Drawer. Once installed users can easily sanitise their device and log the audit event with a single scan.

App background clearly indicates sanitisation status.

View most recent sanitisation event and see if the device is safe to use.

Red shows the device has exceeded the configured duration.
Amber means that the device is due a sanitisation cycle.
Green means that the device has been sanitised within the company set guidelines.
Screen shot of UV Trace App

The UV Trace Portal.

The UV Trace Portal provides a central location for supervisors, managers and directors to monitor compliance with company health and safety requirements.


View current device health status across their deployment or break down the real-time view by location. Historical data is available by serial number so the complete sanitisation history accessible for each mobile device.

screenshot of the uv trace portal

Control & Comply.

Set exactly how often devices should be sanitised, whether that’s once per shift (8 – 10 hours) or every 48 hours, ensuring compliance with health and safety.

A sample device status report

Cloud hosting.

Data is hosted in an industry leading cloud-based data centre ensuring maximum uptime and availability to the audit data.

Easy integration.

Easily access own data for integration into backend systems. Credentials and tokens are available via the Portal so developers can easily access information.

Purchase UV Trace.

We offer a range of options for purchasing individual units, or in bulk. Alongside leasing arrangements. Please get in touch to find out more about our purchase options.

Fully supported.

UV Trace is fully supported pre and post sales with access to technical documentation, user manuals, a dedicated support portal and an accredited repair centre.

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