Create a safer shopping experience that reassures customers and brings footfall to your store.

UV Trace integrates safety into the shopping experience.

Alongside great brand experiences, stores must provide enhanced safety measures to encourage shoppers back into stores and keep staff at work.

Reduces virus transmission.

Using UV Trace to sanitise shared touch points helps to reassure customers and staff that you are taking every possible step to reduce virus transmission.

Customer using chip and pin

A safer retail environment.

Integrating the UV Trace Solution into front and back of house operations delivers an enhanced retail environment, where everyone feels confident their safety is cared for.

open uv trace drawer showing five sanitised personal shopping scanners

Inspire confidence to shop safely.

Customers reluctant to return to stores will feel safer to do so through visibility of the enhanced hygiene measures in place.

Minimise disruption to operations.

Transmission of germs amongst teams is minimised. Staff sick days are reduced, and operations remain uninterrupted and efficient.

Enhance brand reputation.

Reassurance of the measures taken to minimise contamination will positively boost how customers and staff feel about your brand.

See how UV Trace sanitises in just 60 seconds.

UV Trace is designed for easy integration into every area of your store.

Front of house.

Cleaning shopping scanners used by multiple customers is quicker and more effective than using antibacterial wipes. Used handsets can be sanitised and back out for use within minutes, allowing people to shop safely with minimal interaction and risk of cross contamination.

Point of sale machines shared between staff and presented to customers can be sanitised at regular intervals so that frequently touched items such as card machines and radios, are clean and safe to use.

female shopper in supermarket selecting sanitised personal shopping scanner from a wall of scanners

Storeroom and Warehouse.

At the start, end or during a shift, the UV Trace Drawer offers a fast and effective means of sanitising shared devices such as scanners and handheld computers.

Staff simply take their device to a sanitisation point for cleaning. While the 60 second sanitisation runs, the operative cleans their hands before removing the decontaminated device(s).

Sanitised devices are then ready for use or can be stored in a ‘clean area’ ready for staff starting the next shift.

Worker carrying out a stockcheck


Using the UV Trace Portal, managers and supervisors can monitor the real-time sanitisation status of their fleet of devices and flag up any non-compliance with cleaning procedures set.

Office staff can also use the UV Trace Drawer to sanitise personal mobile devices, as well as other shared equipment such as iPads, key fobs and security passes.

UV Trace portal

Purchase UV Trace.

We offer a range of options for purchasing individual units, or in bulk. Alongside leasing arrangements. Please get in touch to find out more about our purchase options.

Fully supported.

UV Trace is fully supported pre and post sales with access to technical documentation, user manuals, a dedicated support portal and an accredited repair centre.

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