The UV Trace

Sanitise mobile devices.
Track which devices are clean.
Protect staff & operations.

Safe and effective sanitisation

UV Trace harnesses the sanitising power of UV-C light to protect against the transmission of skin borne viruses and bacteria through contaminated surfaces on shared mobile devices.

Two high-power germicidal Philips UV-C bulbs provide safe, effective and gentle sanitisation.
Internal shot of UV lights in UV Trace drawer

Tested and approved

Independent biological lab testing has verified that the UV Trace solution deactivates the DNA in a covid surrogate virus across the whole device.

UV-C lux intensity throughout the shelf exceed the levels necessary to deactivate viruses and kill bacteria.
Safety testing has confirmed that there is zero leakage and the redundant lock means that the UV Trace shelf can be used 24 hours per day.
Safety testing UV Trace

UV Trace been subjected to and passed rigorous tests to ensure the safety and efficacy of the unit. View Reports


Pair with our lightweight UV Trace App and the UV Trace Portal to automatically track devices cleaned and support H&S compliance.

UV Trace App

Automatic logging for critical auditing and reporting.

UV Trace for Android is a small, lightweight application that is compatible with the UV Trace Drawer.

Once installed app users can:

Easily sanitise their device and log the audit event with a single scan.

Clearly view the most recent sanitisation event and see if the device is safe to use.

Log the sanitisation event to the UV Trace Portal so that a complete audit history is available for the asset.

Screen shot of UV Trace App

UV Trace Portal

The UV Trace Portal provides a central location for supervisors, managers and directors to monitor compliance with company health and safety requirements.

Customers can view current device health status across their deployment or break down the real-time view by location. Historical data is available by serial number so the complete sanitisation history is accessible for each device.

Customers can set exactly how often devices should be sanitised, whether that’s once per shift (8 – 10 hours) or every 48 hours, to ensure compliance with health and safety.

Organisations can keep a stocktake of devices in use and identify items that are missing.

UV trace device status

Track non-Android devices

UV Audit for Android allows non-Android based items with a barcode, to be sanitised and tracked for auditing and reporting purposes. The sanitisation event is also logged to the portal so that a complete audit history is available for the asset.

Non android scanner


The risk of illness spreading amongst teams and customers is minimised, operational levels are maintained.

Protect People.

Reduce the risk of spreading germs, alleviate concerns of sharing mobile devices and build confidence in your health and safety provisions.

female shopper scanning carrots with a sanitsed personal shopper device

Protect Operations.

Reduce staff absence due to illness or self-isolation, avoid disruption to vital business operations and reduce risk of operational downtime.

Warehouse worker checking stock

Purchase UV Trace.

We offer a range of options for purchasing individual units, or in bulk. Alongside leasing arrangements. Please get in touch to find out more about our purchase options.

Fully supported.

UV Trace is fully supported pre and post sales with access to technical documentation, user manuals, a dedicated support portal and an accredited repair centre.

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